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How to fly your Hubsan X4 and keep it flying. Basic tutorials… For tricks and mods see Dr. Dankeinspanks Lab.

5 Ways How to NOT Lose Your Quadcopter

  1. Take it slow, learn to fly indoors first.
  2. “A man’s got to know his limitations” drop the throttle and let it crash before it gets too far away (micros are durable its better to crash than to lose it).
  3. Fly expert mode when it’s windy outdoors.
  4. Have a spotter when flying F.P.V. outdoors.
  5. Never try to answer the dreaded question “how high does it go”.

Format Video from H107D

Before you can edit the video from the H107D you need to stretch it.

The video is saved to the micro SD card as 720×240 and needs to be stretched to 720×480 to be viewed properly and sometimes even edited.

 Here is how you do it:

Download and install this free software here:

Once installed open up Freemake video converter and click on video as shown by the red arrow below


Select all video files you want to convert.  You can drag a box around them to select them or select the first file then hold down shift and select the last file.

Hit the Open button at the bottom


You will now see  all the videos you have selected in the center of the screen.

Select the format you want to convert to.  I chose “to MP4” you could also choose “to MPEG”


Select the blue gear to Edit Preset


Ok this is important make sure to select “Stretch” on the right hand side.  Change the “frame size” to 720 x 480 as well


Hit the drop down arrow and choose where you want to save your video.  I choose “My Videos” folder

Hit the convert button


After a few minutes it will say “Conversion complete”

Done Deal Doggy watch your videos, upload them to youtube, and post them to the Cali-Bros Forum