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Mods, Tips, and Tricks can be found here. You will also find some engineering jargon and the deep thoughts from Dr. Dankeinspank with more cheese than soggy nachos.

Custom Mini Flying Wing (folding)

Dr Dankeinspank has been in the lab creating a pocket rocket… no it’s bigger than that. It’s a backpack rocket.

Sometimes the only way to get exactly what you want is to create it.


The objective with this build was to have a small backpack-able glider that is also durable.  Bonus if it can use a Hubsan battery and some other goods that are hording up the shop.  A brushless motor may eventually get integrated but for now a glider will do just fine.  Sitting on a sandy bluff gliding in the ocean breeze is a good way to invest time.

It started out as a chunk of purple insulation foam (extruded polystyrene) from Home Depot.  It was then cut with precision to an airfoil cross section with a CNC hot wire cutter.  A fiberglass spar (lengthwise stiffener) was added for strength and a small piece of plywood was glued on the bottom to provide a sturdy mounting point for the hinges.  The Hinges are RC airplane control surface hinges for a much larger plane.  Putting the electronics in the front is usually a good idea so that ballast weights don’t have to be added to balance the plane later.  One of the most important aspects of getting a plane to fly is having the center of gravity in the correct place especially for a flying wing.  With a straight wing the center of gravity will typically be 15-20% back from the leading edge of the wing. With a tapered and swept wing (like we have) it is a little more tricky; we will have to get into that at some other point.


  • 2 x 6 gram servos (nothing fancy just cheapos)
  • 1 x Radio Receiver
  • 1 x 2.4 Ghz Radio Transmitter
  • 1 x Hubsan 380 mAh Battery

Still have some work to do.  Future plans Include:

  1. Drill lightening holes
  2. Cover wing with cellophane and packaging tape
  3. Attach winglets (vertical stabilizers)
  4. Attach elevons (control surfaces)
  5. Fabricate a nose cone/fairing
  6. Balance plane (critical for stability)
  7. Crash
  8. Rebuild

2015-08-25 (1)2015-08-25 (2)2015-08-25 (3)

Lost Screws?

Lose your screws while dissembling your Quadcopter?
Chances are they are stuck to one of the motors because of the magnets.

Still can’t find em don’t worry Cali Bros have them for cheap here.

Battery Strap Sticker

Dr. Dankeinspank has probably charged about 10 Million batteries and he’s tired of pulling them out by yanking on the wires.  Shoot he’s probably broken one or two of em cause he was so stoked for his next flight. We can’t have the Dr. missing any sorties with the Bros cause he has a downed bird.  Cali Bros Battery Strap Sticker thing does the trick. Just wrap it around your battery. Now you can tug on the sticker instead of the battery wires.  You don’t have to put it on your battery, but you should (stickers come free with battery purchases or you can buy a bundle).

stkr1 IMG_20150305_201655959 stkr3 stkr2

Big Motor Mod H107L-8mmod= super fast micro

So your ready to upgrade your Hubsan X4 H107L (black one) to have the fastest micro quad on the block, that is unless you live on our block 🙂 This is not for beginners as it is extremely fast, but if you are ready…
Upgrade the H107L with the bigger 8mm motors for the H107C/H107D and ditch the prop protector.


On our chopper we made good use of a Cali-Bros business card and placed it in the hole where the camera goes to give it a cleaner look.
You will be amazed at just how fast this thing is “it’s dangerously fast and even more fun”. Chicks dig the white body too j/k.

Parts List:
4 X 8mm motors for H107C/H107D
H107D Body

You will need to un-solder all the motors and LED’s and then re-solder them once the motors are installed on the new body. If you have an older model without LED’s you will be happy to find there are LED ports already on the board. You will just need to buy some LED’s. The H107L has no problem powering the bigger motors. The screws and rubber feet will work on the H107D body.
It looks possible to modify the H107L body to fit the bigger motors, but we haven’t tried it. Please share if you have tried this!

The prop protector is totally worth it when learning because it will save your props and motors. If you fly without it; where glasses, don’t fly around children or people without glasses, caution around TV’s, and have lots of extra spare propellers. While the prop protector doesn’t completely protect from injury it does help and will also save you a ton of props.

If you haven’t soldered motors this soldering video should help.
Here are some soldering tips:
* Use flux “a dab will do ya”
* Keep it steady and provide good contact
* Add fresh solder just before each solder (remove excess)
* Most importantly, hold the wire so that it stays down after you lift the soldering iron
* Don’t overheat the board (if it doesn’t melt in 5 seconds you probably need: flux/fresh wire/better contact/steadiness) it’s probably not the temp.
* The solder should look wet when you are done and [b]not beaded[/b] up like water on wax. Be careful not to move the wires for the few seconds before it solidifies.

Every gram counts here is a break down, all weights include a 380 mAh battery:
11g 380 mAh battery
38.6g H107L no prop protector
41.5g H107L w/prop protector
47.3g H107L-8mmod (H107L with H107D body and 8mm motors)
50.7g H107D no prop protector
55.5g H107D Cali-Cadi = fisheye lens + antenna mod+ prop protector

H107D Cali-Cadi

Let us know what you think, maybe you have a better or different mod? If so please share it, but be ready to race!

Prop Protector Mod

Do you have 2 broken prop protectors and want one custom one? Just cut them up and use the good pieces. Now you have one with some spares and maybe your friends will think it looks cool, just don’t expect your girlfriend to care.