USB Battery Chargers, H107-A06


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Product Description

Battery charger for the Hubsan H107L, H107C, and H107D (FPV) micro-quadcopters.  Get 3 at a discount price and charge all your batteries at the same time with this 4 port USB charger .  Don’t wait for batteries to charge anymore!! Once you charge 4 batteries at a time you’ll never go back.

Hint: Don’t leave the battery attached to the charger if the charger is not plugged into a USB port.  If you have it plugged into a computer make sure the computer is supplying power to the USB port.  The charger has a small LED indicator which will drain your battery if there is not power being supplied.
This is the newer Hubsan version without the USB symbol and shown to be compatible with up to 2.1 amp USB ports. Hubsan chargers with the USB symbol are only compatible with USB ports outputting 500mA or less.

Check out our 4 port USB charger its a must for Hubsan fanatics like us.

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Quantity of Chargers

Single Charger, 2 Pack and Save, 3 Pack Super Saver, 4 Pack Fly 24-7 Dr. Dankeinspank Style