Fisheye Lens for H107D (green, 2.2 grams)


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Product Description

Wait! if you are buying this for the H107D FPV quadcopter see our Cali Bros modded lens at a similar price and 1/2 the weight here.

This green lens will make flying the H107D FPV so much easier! Comes with 1/2″ dia heat shrink tubing incase you want to remove the green housing as shown in this how to video.

It’s a fisheye lens for a cell phone, but it works great for the Hubsan X4 FPV model. It widens the view so flying through door ways is now a cinch.  There are other ways to put wide angle lenses on these quads but this is the lightest weight method that doesn’t require disassembling your quad and risking damaging it.  The lens must be hot glued on, but it is durable and allows you to remove it. Weight: 2.2 grams. Lens material: plastic Please check out our forum or here to see mounting instructions and some handy tricks to reduce the weight to only 1gram. Note the lens offered is green, the black lens shown can be made DIY by removing the green case and combining the lenses back together with 1/2″ heat shrink tubing. (Don’t use super glue or alcohol on this clear plastic, it will create a white film) This mod will really make your FPV experience more enjoyable and it’s Cali Bros recommended.