Fisheye Lens for Hubsan X4 H107D

The Hubsan  H107D first person view model can show you some amazing views up high and the stock lens is great for this.  The stock lens can makes things appear closer than they really are.  For flying indoors the stock lens is not quite optimal due to it’s narrow viewing angle (~45 degrees).  So here is what we found after testing 3 different lenses.

Here are the 3 lenses sampled with their weights in grams with the “out of the box” setup on the left.  The lenses are all purpose built for cell phone camera’s and close to $10.  This is the view 6 ft from the first doorway.



  1. The weight of the plastic 2.2 gram green jelly lens slightly affects the flight time, but the flying qualities remain unchanged.
  2. Wide angle macro has an aluminum housing and has a slightly negative effect on the flight time and flying qualities. The lenses are glass, but the clarity and viewing angle is comparable to the green jelly lens.
  3. The 180 degree Fisheye lens is really too large and makes the quad fly very poorly.  Unless it loses some weight forget about flying it. It’s just too unstable.  Also the video appears distorted.  It’s a shame because the wide angle would be awesome for indoor flying if it wasn’t so heavy.

The H107D without a battery weighs in at 43 grams and the 380mah battery weighs 11 grams.


These lenses are anywhere from 5-14% of the empty weight of the quad.

So what’s the doctors recommendation… so far we like a modified green jelly lens because of it’s super low weight. The stock housing is ugly green and the jelly sticky thing plain old don’t stick, but the Dr. figured out a few ways to make it perty.


The green jelly lens was modified by removing the excess plastic with a pair of dikes (cutting pliers) and then sanding it smooth. the outside of the lens was then painted white. The lens was attached using hot glue, but in hotter areas of the country you may want to use something else (NOT SUPERGLUE! it will leave a white film) This white lens added 2.1 grams to the quad.


You can also get crafty and remove the green plastic housing on the green jelly lens to save 1 gram of weight. Using the black spacer inside the green casing will allow the proper spacing between the lenses.  The lens can be put right up against the camera lens using hot glue around the edges.


After removing the green housing and hot gluing it all together we only added 1 gram of weight.  To hold the black spacer in place dip both sides in epoxy and then carefully stack up the lenses (NOT SUPERGLUE! it will leave a white film).  Pay attention to the orientation of the small lens when taking the green plastic off.  We recommend covering the lens with 1/2″ heat shrink tubing. Alternatively you could wrap electrical tape around the lens.  Covering the edges of the lens with heat shrink tubing will help to block out the blue LED’s from showing up in the video. We also recommend hot gluing all the way around the lens to prevent dirt/dust from getting between the lenses.

Remember the green jelly lens weighs 2.2grams off the shelf. It’s Dr. recommended, less weight = mo betta.

lens-1g_04 IMG_1291

That’s it now go chase the cat!