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How to fly your Hubsan X4 and keep it flying. Basic tutorials… For tricks and mods see Dr. Dankeinspanks Lab.

Fisheye Lens for Hubsan X4 H107D

The Hubsan  H107D first person view model can show you some amazing views up high and the stock lens is great for this.  The stock lens can makes things appear closer than they really are.  For flying indoors the stock lens is not quite optimal due to it’s narrow viewing angle (~45 degrees).  So here is what we found after testing 3 different lenses.

Here are the 3 lenses sampled with their weights in grams with the “out of the box” setup on the left.  The lenses are all purpose built for cell phone camera’s and close to $10.  This is the view 6 ft from the first doorway. Continue Reading →

Hubsan Motor Swap

This is a quick tutorial on how to swap the motor out on a Husan H107 micro quad.  You will need a soldering iron, rosin core solder (silver or lead), and a small phillips (jewelers) screwdriver. If you don’t have a soldering iron you can simply strip the ends of the wires and twist them together, but this guide provides the proper procedure.


  1. Determine which motor is damaged.
  2. Open the frame, exposing the board.
  3. Detach the wires of broken motor from board.
  4. Solder new motor to board.
  5. Close the frame.
  6. Go fly!

So there are the steps, lets get into the details:

Determine which motor is damaged

First, you should replace any propellers with damage to be sure it isn’t just bad propellers. After determining that it isn’t the propellers, turn on the remote and plug in the quad as usual.  Give it a little throttle while tilting the quad to determine which motor isn’t spinning.  If all the motors are spinning, disconnect the battery from the quad and flick the propellers and see which one isnt spinning freely.  Mark the motor by removing the propeller.  Pry the propeller off with a tool, dont just pull it with your fingers.  Remove the battery.

Open the frame, exposing the board

Remove three screws from the bottom of the frame.  Un-snap the arms and remove the lower chassis.  Take note of the motor wire color and replace with like motor.

Detach the wires of broken motor from board

Use a soldering iron with sharp point.  Briefly touch the contact point while gently pulling on the wire, the solder will soften and release the wire.

Solder new motor to board

Now you are ready for the new motor. The motors are brushed and designed to spin in one direction. The wire leads indicate which direction. Replace with the correct motor.  It is also important to attach the motor leads with the correct polarity, i.e black is negative. Heat soldering iron. Add solder to the motor leads. Rest the end of the lead on the board’s motor contact, apply heat and wait for solder to wet, then remove heat.  Make sure the solder puddle on the board is not shorting with any other wires or contacts. Check the integrity of the soldering joint by gently tugging on the wire.

Close the frame

Snap the arms of the lower into the upper frames.  Fasten the three screws.

Go fly!

This is what we have worked so hard for.